Diagnosis that should have been defined.

Psychiatry is in the start of understanding about mental disorders. There are many disorder definitions and different symptoms and effects of each and or other/all disorders. Doctors are discovering more and more day by day and hopefully this will be more understood in the future as well.

Anthropophobia is a disorder that psychiatry yet have defined as disorder but some doctors claim it to be. It means to be afraid of humans, social relation and other forms, most likely cause of a more personal form in the face and more power in humans than other beengs. It can be traumatic to feel powerless and more personal during such state and some claim humans are destroying more generally than animals. This disorder we believe should be defined as a disorder and might be that in the future this disorder will be defined as disease. Anthropophobia is translated from greek into "Human phobia".

Child syndrom. Child syndrom is a state when one in similar form, or elderly state, may even be sickness physiological or psychological, one has a mixture of child and old behaviour and condition. Meaning, one is too simple, too happy, too childish when during an old form. Such is not been diagnosed but can be associated with manic depression for example. The state when one has a child disorder leads for many into many problems, excessive anger and excessive pain. Knowing ones limit and surrendering more to the old type of form one has by understanding that childhood is gone. Some can also have a disorder when young, it is not that it is only for elderly.

Child syndrom can appear cause of many things, sometimes pain, sometimes confusion and sometimes depression.