What is a psychotic disorder?

Psychosis disorder illness.

Often we use difficult words to describe psychological disorders. Psychosis is such a word. When we use different difficult words it can lead towards believing that the disorder is difficult to understand and often it gets a mysterious view. That is why it is important to understand that we are actually talking about emotional psychological problems in persons, reactions that can happen with everyone as long as the stress becomes big enough. Nevrosis are "soft" psychological disorders, psychosis are "heavy" psychological disorders. Psychosis often start slow with the depression disorder.

Maybe you know someone close to you that have behaved strange in a way difficult to understand. Maybe they have heard voices. Or they imagine beeng punished or spied on. Maybe they dont sleep or have started to avoid people. Or the emotions beeng difficult to understand. These are just some of the symptoms that leads towards the doctor bringing forward a diagnose.

Suddenly psychosis disorder gets a personal meaning. It is the name of the behaviour that has confused us and sometimes given fear and even made us angry. We react in different ways when we hear about this diagnose.Sometimes it leads to relief, to know at least that there is a reason for this behaviour, other times it gives a feeling of loss, usually this is bigger than the relief. Loss of the original person who used to be happy, friendly and secure and who we all thought had a bright future. Now this is another person, sad, worried, unpredictable and sometimes uncomfortable. Sometimes we will have the guilt, "Should I have done something, what wrong have I done, have I done this to him?" These reactions are usual for family and friends but first of all we question this: "What is psychosis disorder?", "What caused it?", "How will I tell others?" "What is the treatment?". We will focus here on psychosis disorder and try to explain what psychosis is and what happens to the person who has it.

Psychosis is a disease of fear of beeng bullied, blood emotional problems and more inactive states found in the patients. Psychotic disorder is worse than schizophrenia. It is the worst mental disease ever. Psychotic disorder can force the patient to be alone a lot and his health becomes less good as years pass by.

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What is psychosis disorder?
Easy said psychosis is a confusion condition. Everyone can get so confused that it comes under the definition psychosis disorder, depending on external stress influences, life situation and individual personality growth and the way we deal with stress. As many other medical expressions psychosis comes from two greek words: "Psyche (psyxh) meaning mind and ossisom meaning disease. In such a confused state of mind one can have anxiety, sadness, discomfort, isolation and other signs of psychological disorders. The sensual perceptions are stronger and are changed. Sounds can be high, like when smoking cannabis, the room feels smaller and so on. When these problems are present over time the mentality leads towards a nervous brakedown with confusion or the psychosis disorder as a result of that.

Everyone can become seriously confused as when having psychosis as long as the stress is big enough. When someone gets sick and looses contact with reality we call it a psychotic experience. With time by getting proper treatment people get through psychotic episodes, some will never experience it again whilest others will have it sometimes in their lifes.

What are the symptoms of psychosis?
A symptom is a markable change showing we are not healthy. It is not always easy for a psychotic person to realize the symptoms. It is because the brain that should detect them are the part of the body that is actually sick. The main symptom can be described as a lack of ability to differencate ons enviroments and ones self. With increased anxiety the psychological defence brakes down and this can lead to psychosis disorder.

Usual symptoms of psychosis disorder are:
Confused state of mind, illusions, hallucinations, lack of motivation, changes in feelings. Also a psychotic patient will often have anxiety, the symptoms are developed slowly, some develop them faster than others.

Psychotic illusions: This is when a person have a wrong view on reality, like beeng spied on by the CIA, by seeng a person read a newspaper in a certain way one believes one will give birth to the new Christ, that one is talked about in the news on the TV or radio and so on.

Paranoid reality views: A idea of beeng spied on or chosen by a destructive force.
Big mans ideas: Believe one has special powers, like beeng an important religious leader, politician or scientist.


What are the causes?
Even after 100 years of studies of psychosis psychiatry still dont know much about the disorder. A psychosis they say is caused by stress and the confusion is the cause of changes on how the brain works. When a person has a psychotic disorder the signals of the brain that should send information are not working properly. It can be caused by a cheminal ubalance in the brain, medicine used for psychosis works so that they chemicaly make a stability to the nerve transmitters. Cannabis or drug use like amphetamin, LSD, cokain and mushrooms can lead to psychosis. Psychiatry is actually just in the beginning of realziing the psychosis disorder.